What Not To Say to A Sick Person | #FighterFridays


What Not To Say to A Sick Person | #FighterFridays

1. Oh, I have that to! (Unless you do. Be mindful of comparing your quirks to someone’s condition)
2. I’s gonna get better (Unless you know that it is! Be willing to be in the trenches with your friends)
3. Are you sure it’s not…? (Be careful of sounding assumptive toward a misdiagnosis)
4. Get some rest (Often times rest won’t “fix” the pain/illness)
5. I never noticed (Pain isn’t always visible)

Great alternatives…

1. Have you ever heard of this symptom/condition…
2. I’m praying for you, I’m here for you.
3. That sounds like… But this is… (Your suggestions may be helpful! Be cautious of sounding concerned vs. prideful)
4. Is there anything that I can do/anything that would help
5. You’re so brave!

Be sure to watch the video for more!


3 thoughts on “What Not To Say to A Sick Person | #FighterFridays

  1. I don't know if this will get to Jamie Grace or not but if it does I just to say I've been struggling with depression and I want to know how to fix it

  2. Great video and suggestions! Loved it. I have a few different chronic illness, and to have people just be there.. is huge. And you are right, we have no problem *filling up the silence in conversations.* I don't know if you have heard about it, but.... There is a week long "invisible illness" thing (I know, such a great description) in Sept to help raise awareness through blogs and such. Think about joining in. Here's the link for it... http://invisibleillnessweek.com/

  3. Jamie this is amazing. I have a question to ask. What if you have a sickness but you don't want anyone to know because you are able to deal with it yourself.


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