2 thoughts on “Taking Control:

  1. Your story is truly inspirational and has inspired me to share my own! I, too, have struggled with obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety. God has given me, too, the strength to fight, and I have chosen to be a fighter. Thank you for sharing your story, and I pray that God continues to use you and your story to inspire others.

  2. Ash, I'm so proud of you. I have been searching for answers to my chronic pain and fatigue for almost 12 years. Yep. I'm almost fifteen (yes, when I was about three I was so aware of my condition that I could point at a diagram and say this is where I hurt to the doctor and explain how it felt. But because I was so young - they ignored me) and I'm what one may call "injury-prone." My body is falling apart and I have been diagnosed with too many things all of which have not been successfully treated. I have been accused of making things up by doctors (I thank God I have a caring mother, who stands up for me) - we have walked out of so many appointments, been in physical therapy for 10 years, and tried tons different treatments - all of which have been unsuccessful. My dad doesn't care about me enough to realize I have a problem, and has told doctors he doesn't know why we are there. One of my best friends doesn't get it at all, then my other bestie is so hypersensitive (I mean, I wish I never said anything because she is so worried all the time that she won't let me do anything I want to do and so I end up watching her and my other friends do it.....), and then there is my one best friend who is the BEST - I mean I have collapsed on her so many times but the only thing is she is moving away. I mean my mom is always going to be my very best friend but I'd really want someone my age to be able to talk to about it all and I don't want to risk everyone being afraid of being my friend (which has happened before) if I outwardly tell everyone. Ya know?

    Sorry to write such a long comment.

    I'm praying for you 🙂

    P.S. Please pray for my brother he has major medical problems, worse than mine but hates doctors (he has had way to many bad experiences with them, which is sad that he hasn't been able to burn the pain and use it as full cause he really wanted to be a doctor before his life started caving in. ) and he tries so hard to convince everyone (and maybe even himself) that he is fine. But he isn't and can't even stand for more than 3min....SO PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!!!


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