Morgan Harper Nichols – The Storyteller

I, Jamie Grace, recently had the incredible privilege of directing Morgan Harper Nichols’ debut music video for her debut single Storyteller. Not only is she one of my favorite writers and label mate but she’s also my sister. Via social media, Morgan has been encouraging others to “share their stories” every Sunday for #StorytellerSunday and we invited some amazing storytellers to be in the video. A cancer survivor… a Purple Heart recipient… a former drug addict… see the Storyteller video to hear the stories of some incredible fighters. Then join us here at and Morgan on Sundays to tell your story!


#ImAFighter – Michael’s Story


When Michael was in high school he lost his dad to testicular cancer. At 21 (now 22) years old, he received the same diagnosis from his doctor. An athlete, coach, worship leader and college student, this was completely unexpected for Michael. He is currently undergoing treatment that should be completed in February. Through it all, Michael continues to rely on his Faith, family and friends as a support system through this time.

be a part of Michael’s story –


Jamie Grace on HLN

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Jamie Grace was recently on HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade representing Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month! If you didn’t get to catch it on TV, check out the video below!


Jamie Grace Meeting Tim Howard


(From Jamie Grace)

Tim Howard was one of the first people I ever heard of with Tourette Syndrome. My sister was a fan of Manchester United so being the little sis, so was I. He was playing for them at the time but is now the goalie for the US National team. I love soccer and despite my inability to play have always wanted to be a goalie. A huge part of that is because of Tim.

Back when ImAFighter was teensWts, I got a “press pass” to chat with Tim during his warmups on my school’s campus. He was one of the kindest people I have ever met and continues to inspire me. Thank you Tim for who are – we’ll be rooting for you tonight!!!

(To see me meet Tim, skip to 3:12)