Faith for Baby V.


From Jamie Grace: Occasionally I creep on Youtube to hear covers of my songs ūüėČ Recently I found a cover of “The Waiting” and once I heard this couple’s story I KNEW I had to share it on I’m A Fighter. This is the week of Moms Who Are Fighters and I pray you’ll all understand why I specifically chose them for this. —

“1000 days ago, my life hit absolute rock bottom. I was using a ton of prescription medication. I was lying [and] stealing to get my hands on any kind of pill that I could and it had been going on for years. I had to go to rehab… I went to jail… and I was totally ashamed [and] didn’t feel like I could ever come back from this. I’m supposed to be the pastor’s daughter a pastor’s wife and honestly, for a few days, all I could think of was killing myself. Our marriage was falling apart, my life was falling apart but through that, something we said was, ¬†I hid in my addiction, I’m not going to hide in my recovery.”¬†”

Those are the words from Jessica, a youth pastor alongside her husband Louie, from California. I came across their version of my song¬†The Waiting¬†and I guess with my nerdiness (or nosiness? *smile*) ended up clicking around and finding out that they’re in the process of becoming parents. Just last year Jessica had a surgery that successfully removed two tumors. They have also gone through numerous fertility treatments and are currently preparing to cross another bridge in their story.

Knowing that God will always guide them, protect them and provide for them, Louie and Jessica continue to pray and seek God’s plan as they hope for their family to grow someday. I want to ask that you keep them in your hearts, thoughts and prayers as I will. I have been so blessed to know many moms who have given birth to their children and whose children have become a part of their families by way of adoption. It’s a beautiful thing to see moms and dads think less of themselves and give to a child with their whole hearts. Just from watching their youtube videos I know that Jessica and Louie have given so much of who they are to their ministry and a child would be so blessed to be a part of their lives. To stay updated with their story, click here.

“God can use our story to help somebody else…” -Jessica


Team Boom 4 Tripp


Bill and I met in 2006 and got married in 2007. We were both living in Asheville, NC. I fell head over heals for him and still feel that way almost 6 years later. He is an amazing husband and father.

I was already 30 when we were married, so we wanted to start a family. Now I realize that is not as easy as it sounds. We thought we had it all planned out. And each month was met with huge dissapointments.

So finally we decided to go to a fertility clinic and were told we were perfectly healthy, but since we had been trying for so long, they would help us. I had a pretty horrible pregnancy, was on bedrest, had to walk with a walker and sometimes had to travel by wheelchair. I developed a muscle disorder, then placenta previa, so I had to have a vertical C section. I gave birth to a perfectly health baby boy: Tripp.

A year and 1/2 later, we decided to have another baby. Went back to the same fertilty clinic and got pregnant with a baby girl. Ella Mary Halstead. Her due date was set for Oct 2, 2012; ¬†the same month as Tripp’s accident. But I had a misscarriage just a few months after being pregnant. At that time, it had been the most dramatic thing I had ever personally dealt with. I cried and cried, couldnt sleep, eat, ect. Anyone that has gone through this knows what a nightmare it is. And we learned soon after that, if we didn’t try again immediately, my eggs would be gone. But we were too devastated to try at that point.

On Oct 29, 2012, what would’ve been just weeks after our daughter’s due date, our lives took yet another turn. Tripp was playing on the playground at daycare and a huge limb fell out of a very high tree. It fell on his head and crushed his skull into many pieces. They took him to Winder-Barrow hospital and then flew him to Egleston Childrens hospital in Atlanta. As Bill and I were driving to meet him in Atlanta, I don’t think we spoke 10 words to each other. We were scared and we just prayed. We honestly didn’t know how bad it was.

As soon as we got there, they let us see him. He looked perfect. No blood, no cuts, he looked so peaceful. Then the Dr started telling us how bad it was, and it took me some time to realize they were saying he could die. It was a slice to my heart and soul. So the next few hours after that were a total blur. When I dropped my happy, perfect boy off at daycare that morning, it might of been the last time I saw his smile or his eyes open or him awake. I will never take another day with my baby for granted.

He survived surgery, then the next 24 hours and made it til Friday. Then he took a turn for the worst and they told us to say our goodbyes. That was the worst day of my life. To think he had survived this and then given no hope. But Tripp proved them wrong, he is a fighter and he pulled through and we have never looked back. He spent 5 full months in the hospital. He is at home now and even though he is making babysteps, he is moving forward.

I cherish every moment with him. He is my whole world and I want him to know how much he is loved. I didn’t want this post to be all sad, I wanted everyone to know how important every single day is with your loved ones, hug them, kiss them, let them know how special they are to you. Even if Tripp hadn’t pulled through, I can honestly say there wasn’t one single day of his life that he wasn’t hugged on, kissed on and told “I love you”. He is a very special boy and thank you all for loving him too.

This story is courtesy of and photos of the Halstead family’s official¬†Facebook page.