Jamie Grace on HLN

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Jamie Grace was recently on HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade representing Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month! If you didn’t get to catch it on TV, check out the video below!


Pax the Fighter


Pax. The son to Jared and Nina Fabiny, and twin brother to Pace. He’s your normal rambunctious fun-loving two year old. On Christmas Eve 2013 Pax was diagnosed with a form of childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. In his tiny belly is a softball size mass, pushing on his little organs. Upon his diagnosis, doctors were very optimistic on his recovery, due to his younger age.

On April 2nd, Pax had his series of scans on and it was determined the tumor is no longer responding to the chemotherapy. The tumor was unchanged from the previous scans and the physicians said that more chemo would not benefit Pax. The surgeon said that as good as Pax looked on the outside, what was going on in his body was very serious and without intervention he would not survive. However, the surgery comes with it’s own risks and the physicians communicated their concerns with the surgery as well. They scheduled his surgery for April 18th (Good Friday).

Though he lost his left kidney and a lot of blood during the surgery, the surgeon was able to remove 100% of the tumor!

After a long journey in the hospital… surgery… ICU… Pax continues to fight and is getting healthier everyday!

On April 29th Pax’s parents posted this heartwarming update on Pax’s Facebook page:
Tomorrow will mark the 14th day in the hospital for Pax. There is a good chance he could get discharged tomorrow… An orthopedic company came this evening to fit him for his leg braces and they think they will have them completed and to the hospital by tomorrow afternoon… Now he is climbing up on the couch and standing up on it to look out the window at the cars as they pass by. This is commonplace for him, but as we watched him tonight we were reminded that 1 week ago today they were extubating him and trying to get him to wake up from the sedatives.

One of our doctors stopped us in the hall tonight and was so happy with his progress. She said Pax was so inspiring to her and praised his attitude and vigor through this entire process as her eyes filled with tears. She said it is patients like him that make her return to work everyday.