T1D: It Doesn’t Have to Stop You

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The nurse came in. “The tests are back. She’s a type one diabetic.”

Those words changed my routine from get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to school to get up, prick my finger, put the blood on a test strip in a meter, read the number, eat breakfast, deliver insulin to myself, get dressed, go to school.

T1D means that my body, specifically my pancreas, doesn’t produce insulin, a hormone needed to turn sugar into energy. This means that insulin had to be delivered another way, either by a shot or by and insulin pump. I’m one of the lucky ones: my T1D was caught early, and my family could afford to buy me an insulin pump. Even with the pump, I have to put an attachment site in my stomach or rear.

Diabetes, if not well-managed, can cause blindness, liver damage, and kidney failure. I may never be able to have children because of it. Make no mistake-insulin is not a cure. It’s a treatment. I’m not trying to make you feel sorry for me. I just want people to understand. There are positives, I suppose: I’m awesome at adding in my head, because I practice everyday with counting carbs-carbohydrates. My friends have made an adding game with my lunch carbs. But because of T1D, I have to be constantly thinking about my blood sugar levels, and thinking about how I feel. I have to have some kind of sugar everywhere I go in case of emergency, and alot of people treat me like I’m going to pass out and die any second.

So here’s to all the diabetics out there: We cannot, will not, let T1D stop us.

Nope. Never. Not happening.


4 thoughts on “T1D: It Doesn’t Have to Stop You

  1. I really appriciat the wonderful & efective message for the people like you who are victims by this deadly disses.l am the one victemed.
    What is T1D?
    What you help me or advise me to under control my blood sugar count?
    I was taking tablet for the last 8 years,but that was not helpful.
    Since2013 l start using insulin 15mmin z morning,11mm in z night.But still
    My blood sugar count 180-250. If it count under those amount my body become weak. What do you share me about.Thank you.

  2. Makyah, another featured "fighter", is my daughter and while her fight is with cancer, she has a twin brother that was diagnosed with type I diabetes two years ago. He almost died that Thanksgiving because I thought he had a stomach virus. After a week at Brenner's Children's Hospital, some days in ICU, I got my baby boy back but life changed for him at that time. There are no other kids in his school with T1D and he has held his head high and met the challenge head on. You're right! People treat him like he may fall out at any moment, lol. I salute you for your victory in the fight!!!


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