One thought on “Stressed but Blessed

  1. OMYWORD, Im Jesse and im a freshman in highschool and urm i have anxiety to im almost 100% Sure for example before gym i get so mervous im shaking,my hands are pouring sweat,i have cotton mouth,and get head aches,feel like i cant breath,and am all jumpy. and when ever i talk to girls at school about gym there always like why r u so nervous?Its just gym. But they never grt it. and i dont know if ive had a panic attack maybe you can help me figure it out what happened was in class we were out loud reading amd it i randomly got picked kn and i couldnt breath so well i was reading i would pause and gasp for air,and my head was going crazy and i coyldnt focus,and i started sweatung,and freaking out,and hipervenalating .... lol but anyways your story relates to me soooo much <3


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