One thought on “Single Mother

  1. I just want to encourage you and commend you for fighting for you child and overcoming your past. God doesn't want us to go thru the horrible things that happen here on Earth but that is why things happen... this is Earth and not Heaven. Satan uses bad or evil things in attempt to destroy us and either turn us away from God or keep us from seeking God and his truth. But God takes what is intended for harm and can turn it all into blessings. My mom was a victim of sexual abuse, some physical abuse and emotional neglet. But she and dad raised 3 kids as best they could and was able to show us more love than they were ever given. She is widowed by 10 years & 66 years old now. She lives alone but I do a lot to take care of her including taking her to counseling where she is finally getting treatment for PTSD. Her journey to real healing has just begun. She is already more whole than she was just a few years ago. I applaud you for getting this help at a young age. I am also a CNA and in some ways being able to take care of others can be theraputic. God bless you sister-in-Christ.


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