Red Diamond Days

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At 19, Joshua Jank entered hospice care on August 20, 2013 because a liver condition destroying his lungs. It’s called Hepatopulmonary Syndrome. Born with Sickle Cell Anemia and Asperger’s, Josh had a small stroke when he was five years old. Since that point, Josh became a ‘frequent flyer’ in the medical world requiring monthly blood transfusions. Because of these transfusions, he lived a full and vibrant life until complications surfaced in July 2012. It was a long year of hospitalizations and declining health. Josh is now a man on a mission. He sees that these last days could be the best days of his life.

While saying goodbye to family and friends at the Ft. Wayne Hospice Home at the end of August (where it looked like Josh was spending his last few days of life), Josh began passing “Red Diamonds” to those he loved and knew and those he was just meeting. His message was simple.

This little gem is red because love matters.

“I’d like to give you this diamond” he would say as he placed a small plastic red diamond into the hands of an old or a new friend. He would cradle their hand in both of his and explain “It’s red because I love you. Love matters. We need to love in a way that makes a difference. It’s a diamond because God does amazing things under heat and pressure. He does His best work when life is the hardest. Don’t forget that, OK?”

This little gem is a Diamond because God does amazing things under heat and pressure.

As of April 25, 2014, Josh ended a 30 day hospital stay by returning home to be with his family. His mom (pictured above) says, “Joe has a long way to go. Pain is an issue. Walking is progressing slowly.” Josh’s older brother Sam is currently preparing to leave for the Army so the Jank family is facing multiple goodbyes… Brenda Jank continues, “As we prepare to say goodbye emotions run high. Pray for all our goodbyes, but especially Josh and Sam’s. Sam is moving on with courage & a sense of calling, but it is a goodbye tinged with Eternity in mind & there will not be enough tissues to catch the tears.”

From Jamie Grace: Please continue to keep Josh and his family in your prayers. Though he knows he may not have much time left on Earth, he and his family are touching the lives of people all over through his amazing outlook on life. For updates on his story and the Red Diamonds, visit his Facebook page.


9 thoughts on “Red Diamond Days

  1. Thank you for such an inspiring message. I pray that The Lord Bless you with Peace and strength, as well as being right beside you, in whatever He takes you through.

  2. Thank you ! for the message of truth that the scriptures on your shirt bring us Josh for your actions make those scriptures come to life .

    Thanks again for being such a awesome man of God !
    may he continue to hold you and bless you .

  3. Josh, I am a prayer warrior, and you are now on my prayer list -as is Sam and your entire family. Your red diamonds are a wonderful God - Gift Blessing that I know only God could have given to you. Bless you for sharing your heart with so many as you walk this journey!.
    I have walked a pain journey since 1984 when my family and I were involved in a near-fatal car accident. Only God knows why we survived. My husband and daughter weren't injured, but I have lived with pain 24/7 from life-threatening injuries from that accident since then. I could be angry that my life is so limited and pain-wracked; but I choose each day to live with joy. I choose to focus on God; to give Him the Glory for surviving, for the love of my husband, family, and friends. I choose to look at the good in the world, and not the ugly. It will always be there - but like you, I choose to find the good. And there is so much good to find! Bless you for being the amazing young man that you are! Your family is blessed!!
    You will always be in my prayers from this day on - and I look forward to meeting you face-to-face in Heaven! : ) Keri Rhodes

  4. My family was presented with a 'Red Diamond' a few months ago by one of his friends. We read up on Josh's story and we have started passing them out. We were proud to help them a little while back with getting them into the hands of military friends, a few countries, and even some states that hadn't been reached yet! Josh's line 'God does great things under heat and pressure' lines up with our feelings that 'we feel we ate the closest to our friends and family when we're struggling'. That the time when we realize just what's important is when we have nothing but what IS important. We were blessed to receive a diamond and the blessings from sharing them ate even greater!!!

  5. I have been following Josh's story and that of his amazing family with his extended brothers and sisters that walk along with him. I would just like to add Josh's mom is an amazing fighter walking with the Lord along with the rest of his family; they are all amazing and truly inspiring. Together they fight and together they lead through Him. I have been giving out red diamonds for Josh. I must tell it is truly a blessing to do this.

  6. This really is a family of fighters. Not only is Josh ill, but Josh's younger brother Joe has been at Riley hospital for 30 days recently with a life threatening problem. Please pray for the Janks to sense God's love and healing power in their lives. Thanks

  7. Red diamonds, God's love is so real that you can't stop sharing it; may God healing power do tremendous things in your life in this season


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