One thought on “Nephrotic Syndrome Does Not Define Me

  1. Hi Rachel, my grandson Alex had the same thing happen when he was 3. For the last year and a half he has had to remain constantly on the steroids. He is 8 now, and the sweetest boy. He never complains about the medications or his puffy face, or that he has put on a little bit of extra weight. Sweet thing, forever hungry from the meds, apple's are his best friend now. Lol I know how bad steroids can make you feel, because I've had to take them a time or two. No complaints from that little man. He has 5 other siblings, and he is the second oldest. They live on 10 acres and his parents raise Nubian goats, and of course chickens, ducks, and Alex's favorite the turkeys (he's the turkey whisper lol). Because of being immune-compromised he misses out on the chores now to help with the animals, and many trips to the park have been cancelled, so his parents pretty much built a great playground in their yard for them. He also has chosen to be brave and live life as normally as this unknown Syndrome allows. God bless you in your journey. You are not alone. Stay strong my dear. Debbie


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