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  1. Makyah is my daughter and I just wanted to update this information, or rather, share our praise report. Makyah had scans between her 2nd and 3rd rounds of chemo and doctors found that her cancer was gone in some places. Where it remains, it is drastically reduced in size. She just finished round 4 last week and was given different medications. She has had pain for the first time since October and difficulty holding food down, both as side effects of chemo medications but remains full of life and spirit. She made the A honor roll in spite of being hospital/home schooled for only a couple of hours a week and I am one proud mama!

  2. Makyah,

    We are praying for you baby girl! We pray that God's grace continue to shine upon you. We pray for a peace that passes all understanding to guard you and your family's hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. We pray that your beautiful smile continue to bless us in the land of the living. We pray that you also feel the love of our Lord, your family and friends, and even those whose name that you don't know, every day!

  3. Makyah,
    I will be praying for you that God will heal you and make you better. You are definitely a fighter!
    Erin Hartley

  4. Today we found out that Makyah is now cancer free. We love her being at school she is such an example of what Jesus can do going from not holding down food to coming to school everyday we love her and she is such an amazing friend and person to be around.
    Stay strong.


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