2 thoughts on “Jessie Raines Always Loved

  1. God Bless this family. Know that Jessie is now resting in our Lord's loving arms. I can't even imagine how many hearts she has touched in her short life. Thank you Jessie for being what God made you to be and not being afraid to stand up for what you believe. Well done good and faithful servant.
    Sue M.

  2. I am blown away. I'm Jessie's mom...While getting ideas for Jess website name (we have a scholarship and several community projects that we do in her honor each year that are now beginning to really stretch outside of our community) I just googled her name and this came up. Thank you so much to whoever posted this. I am so blessed and honored that even now, our baby girl is still having an impact on people's spiritual lives. I miss my girl every day, but so humbled that God used (and still uses) her testimony to draw others to Himself.

    And thank you Sue M for your kind words.

    In His Love, Josh and Julie Raines


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