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  1. Hello. I work with a lovely women who showed me your website. I have Tourettes syndrome,ADHD,anxiety and depression. My beautiful daughter(15) has everything I have. I just gave it to her lol. Her and I just did the Trek for Tourettes on March 29 2015. It has been a struggle with my daughter but we will make it. I think you are amazing and an inspiration to so many. I think people who have a disability whether it be mild to severe are incredible. Although they may have to work a bit harder to get where they want to be they are an inspiration to others that it can be done. Thank you so much Patricia Norris

  2. Hi! I am not a teen, not a college student, but an almost 60 year old mom. My kids introduced me to DC Talk, Carman, Newsboys, and Veggietales. A friend gave me songs by Amy Grant, MW Smith, and others. I was told by my oldest that I wouldn't like a Toby Mac until I sang every song on the CD he had. I might be old but I know that your songs bring out the kid in me. Hold me is my favorite. It is how my relationship to Jesus has always been. From a young age I have talked to him like a best friend. I have matured but the memories of my Dad and his hugs and the fun we had help me to see the loving, fun side of God. When my kids say they are going to or not going to do something, I say "then God laughed". Life can be horrible but we are so loved! Thank you for your songs and the joy they convey. You're a good kid. Give your mom a hug for me!
    Love in Him,

  3. Hello Grace you are such an inspiration to many of us by the godly gift you have. keep the fire burning and may the Lord God continue richly blessing you because you are a blessing to me. And may the will of God be done upon your mom's condition she's in my prayers aswell. To God be the glory.

  4. You are such an inspiration. I love your music and your story. Thanks for your music and everything you do to send people God's word.


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