2 thoughts on “Healing Is On It’s Way…

  1. Your story has touched my heart. I was born with a congenital heart defect missing the whole right side of my heart (tricuspid atresia) doctors said I would never live. Guess what I will be 29 next month!!! I have head @ 10 heart surgeries, liver and kidney failure and God has healed me of all!! I am a chaplain, minister in middle schools, and children's minister at my church. God has the ultimate plan for your life. Keep claiming and believing for your healing!!! You email me anytime!! I will be there to help and encourage anytime!! Praying "By his stripes you are healed!" God Bless Piper Davis- chaplainpiperdavis@yahoo.com

  2. Hearing your story inspires me. I had spinal fusion done when I was 11 (I'm 13 now) after wearing a spinal brace for 3 years prior (I was 8 when I was diagnosed). I dance all the time (I'm even in a Christian Dance Company) and the surgery already caused issues with my dancing (which has brought me closer to God, my friends, and brought me so much happiness) and now I have recently learned I may have to have another one. I have a lot of pain- not as much as you, praying for you- and my back pops all the time which causes me a lot of issues in public. I will find out in 9 months about the surgery. Praying for your continued healing!!!


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