Faith for Baby V.


From Jamie Grace: Occasionally I creep on Youtube to hear covers of my songs 😉 Recently I found a cover of “The Waiting” and once I heard this couple’s story I KNEW I had to share it on I’m A Fighter. This is the week of Moms Who Are Fighters and I pray you’ll all understand why I specifically chose them for this. —

“1000 days ago, my life hit absolute rock bottom. I was using a ton of prescription medication. I was lying [and] stealing to get my hands on any kind of pill that I could and it had been going on for years. I had to go to rehab… I went to jail… and I was totally ashamed [and] didn’t feel like I could ever come back from this. I’m supposed to be the pastor’s daughter a pastor’s wife and honestly, for a few days, all I could think of was killing myself. Our marriage was falling apart, my life was falling apart but through that, something we said was,  I hid in my addiction, I’m not going to hide in my recovery.” ”

Those are the words from Jessica, a youth pastor alongside her husband Louie, from California. I came across their version of my song The Waiting and I guess with my nerdiness (or nosiness? *smile*) ended up clicking around and finding out that they’re in the process of becoming parents. Just last year Jessica had a surgery that successfully removed two tumors. They have also gone through numerous fertility treatments and are currently preparing to cross another bridge in their story.

Knowing that God will always guide them, protect them and provide for them, Louie and Jessica continue to pray and seek God’s plan as they hope for their family to grow someday. I want to ask that you keep them in your hearts, thoughts and prayers as I will. I have been so blessed to know many moms who have given birth to their children and whose children have become a part of their families by way of adoption. It’s a beautiful thing to see moms and dads think less of themselves and give to a child with their whole hearts. Just from watching their youtube videos I know that Jessica and Louie have given so much of who they are to their ministry and a child would be so blessed to be a part of their lives. To stay updated with their story, click here.

“God can use our story to help somebody else…” -Jessica


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  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing Our story for Faith for Baby V. This has meant so much to us. It gets very discouraging trying to raise money for in-vitro and keep our faith going strong. This gave me a little faith boost. I love your music I listen every morning. Your songs are very inspiring. When I was recovering from my addiction I listened to come to me and hold me over and over. Your music helped me through the hardest struggle in my life. I am a youth Pastor and encourage my girls to listen to your music we all love God girl. One of my girls has turrets syndrome I showed her your story on you tube about your struggle, she was in tears knowing she can do anything she wants no matter what. Thank you again Jamie so very much . 🙂 Jessica Vitela


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