Dear Taylor Swift.

Dear Taylor Swift.

They call it a game face.


It’s the face we choose to make when we get to an autograph line. Little girls are lined up with posters and guitars with our names on them, anxious to tell us about their upcoming talent show. We’re walking with our security and our team hurting and broken about the pain inside but the second we turn that corner, we have to put our lives on hold for the sake of the lives in the crowd. We’re not being fake… not lying about what’s going on… merely doing what we have to do to be who we’re called to be.

Like you, I “came out of nowhere” (in the music industry) as many blogs and reviewers have said. Though I’ve been singing my whole life and playing (semi… haha) payed gigs since high school, I didn’t get a record deal until I was around 18. I was signed to (a label I love called) Gotee Records under TobyMac and my first single was nominated for a Grammy and Billboard award. At Christian Music’s biggest award show, The Dove Awards, I took home the award for New Artist of the Year and was nominated for a few others. I don’t tell you this to pop my collar but incase you don’t know who I am, I figured that information may provide context 🙂

I am now 23 and during my journey as an artist I’ve played morning shows, sold out arenas, churches… alongside some of my favorite artists and having the chance to headline as well. Random fact – Banjo Ben who toured with you? I met him at your show with Rascal Flatts over 5 years ago and he played on my new record. Thanks for the indirect intro;)

Also during my journey, my mom got sick.

I want to clarify first of all that my mom’s condition is not fatal and does not face a large amount of similarities to cancer. I never want to come across as comparing my struggles to anyone else’s nor imply that I understand something that I do not.

Even so, my mom got sick. And still is.
My CD release was the day of her surgery that we waited for months to schedule. I’ve had nights on stage while she was at the ER and we didn’t have answers. Sweet friends and fans have asked, “how’s your mom?” when I truly don’t know how to respond. It’s not been an easy road.

She has a rare, incurable nerve condition that has affected her life in more ways than I can imagine. She is blessed to still work as mine and my sister’s managers and serve in ministry alongside my father but faces many physical challenges.

I have spent many nights crying, screaming, praying and begging God to “fix it”… Many of these nights are spent at home but many of them on tour. In a bunk on a tour bus. In the bathroom of a shared dressing room. At front of house when everyone thinks I’m merely checking for a good mix. Minutes before, after and sometimes during a game face… I’m fighting the battles of a pain too great to comprehend.

Taylor, I’ve not yet met you.

I’ve seen you live in concert once but we don’t run in the same circles or have many mutual friends… “22” was my ringer for all of last year (obviously…) but I honestly don’t know your birthday or have your poster on my wall. (I do have Reba’s up though… classy lady, yeah?) Occasionally I’ve used your songs, and other love songs, in my live shows (cause you’re a great writer…) as a metaphor of God’s love being great!, God being the first to say, “you belong with me,” and have said that too many sad love songs can cause a girl like me to mad at her guy – even though I’m single, ha;) But even though we have many differences and haven’t crossed paths I felt compelled to write this to you.

Even if you never see it! It may hit the heart of a girl facing 6th grade whose heart is heavy because her home is broken. It may reach the email inbox of the college student tempted to drop out because he feels like everything he’s fighting – he’s fighting alone. A wife may stumble across this post minutes before she goes to another church service pretending like everything is okay.

I dunno who’s gonna read this.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve debated writing this!**

But I can tell you this.

To anyone feeling hurt or frustrated or confused or upset or alone or “simply” annoyed by the struggles we face in this life – you’re not alone.

We all have to put on a game face and it’s not close to fair but know that you’re never alone. Someone out there has a game face as strong as yours and when we can open up and be real with each other… when we can love on each other and welcome each other into our lives… when we can hold each other when we’re crying, those game faces will start to fade and our realness will start to change each other’s lives.

Taylor, I’ve heard people say that I’m like “Christian Music’s Taylor Swift.” Despite the fact that we (obviously) look alike… 😉 I think it’s because we write about the reality that is our lives. The heartbreaks, the love stories, the friend stuff, the life stuff… the real stuff.

When we are real and honest and open, that’s when lives are changed and though your heart may be heavy Taylor, by a simple Tumblr post today, you continued to reach the hearts of many.

Because I’m a Christian and am in the public eye, people typically ask me, “What’s your favorite bible verse?” I love in Psalms where it says, “Weeping may endure for a nigh but joy comes in the morning” so that’s usually what I say. However, I found my favorite verse when I was 11 years old.

It was months after being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. I heard Matthew 27:45 as it talks about when Jesus is hanging on the cross. As Christians we believe that Jesus was dying for our sins as a sacrifice that God (His Father) made so that we could live in Heaven when we die. We also believe that Jesus is perfect and without flaw. As He is on the cross, however, He experiences a moment of question as He asks His Father, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” #probablyaskingcauseacrucifixionisstraightupbrutal

That is my favorite verse.

Not because it’s somewhat haunting or even close to depressing but because it’s real. The Man who I believe to be the King of the World felt broken… in His heart and His body and called out to God, asking why He forsake Him.

In that moment He became relatable to the 6th grade girl… the close-to-giving-up college student, the overwhelmed wife and the 20-something year old pop singer who just wants to go home with her mom and make everything okay. He. felt. forsaken.

The only thing that has carried me through the last 12 years (my Tourette diagnosis, that journey and now my mom’s health) has been my Faith (and the community my family has found in the midst of our fight). I am carried by the understanding that I am not only loved by a King who died for me and rose for me but – who understands me.

There is nothing greater in this life than to be loved… and understood.

Taylor, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry there is no cure for cancer.

I’m sorry there is no cure for pudendal neuralgia.

I’m sorry life isn’t perfect.

I’m sorry we sometimes have to act like it is perfect.

I’m sorry that sometimes as public figures when we stop acting like life is perfect it makes it worse.

I’m sorry that life is hard.

I’m sorry if this “letter” is making it worse.

All I know… is that in some tiny way I felt obligated to at least say some tiny something to you.

My family and I are praying for you and while we believe it’s quite likely you have an incredible support system, we want to extend our hearts and family to yours at any time.

Much love,
Jamie Grace

**Fourteen times over five minutes.

PS – I know as a Christian talking about pain and healing can often be controversial. This post is not intended to encourage any debates on theology or doctrine. If you would like to read any more about my condition, my mom’s or our family’s thoughts on healing and how our Faith works with that, you can visit the links below. Thanks!

My (Jamie Grace’s) Story
My Mom’s Fight


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  1. The definition of "classy lady" should definitely include a photo of Jamie Grace. Your letter to Ms. Swift was over the top classy, and seemed to be full of (yes, I'm going to say it) Grace. I pray for even greater blessings on your life and ministry.


  2. This might help both of you get through what you are going through. I admire both of you and understand what you are going through because I am in the singing ministry myself.
    My mom wrote this song overcoming sickness and sadness, it is our current single. God bless

  3. When Jesus said "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" The word for why used in the aramaic is actually not a question word, but a direction almost. Jesus is asking God to show the people why He has forsaken Jesus. The answer to which is the gospel.
    That being said, I feel this accentuates your point further. 🙂

  4. Very awesome Jamie from another Jamie 🙂

    My mom got diagnosed when I was in 6th grade of a rare disease. She's still alive, I'm 29 now God hasn't healed her completely physically but her spirit is healed. God used it to give my family a powerful testimony all on its own. Much prayers to Taylor you amd anyone else going through something hard.

    Jamie Zenteno

  5. Beautifully written Jamie Grace! I too felt my heart 'skip a beat' when I saw the news feed reporting about Taylor's mom. It was close to my heart since I lost my mom to cancer very suddenly about 6mos ago. She was my best friend & would do anything for anyone. I'm thankful that she is healed & with her redeemer, but I still miss her everyday. My daughter &I love your music & Taylor's & hope to see both of you in concert someday. Blessings & prayers to you, your family, Taylor & her family. It's a rough road...brings you to your knees & makes you aware of precious time with loved ones. In Christ, Rebecca T.

  6. This is amazing! I haven't heard about anything with Taylor Swift and cancer or whoever may have been diagnosed but i know cancer is an ugly thing. My grandmother passed away because of it and ive witnessed the ultimate physician Jesus heal cancer. I dont understand. I do understand faith and that everything Jamie says is true. I too will commit to praying for Taylor and her family. God can do amazing things.

  7. Jamie,

    Thanks for your transparency. Courage. Candor.

    Thanks for being real.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Taylor, as well. A prognosis of this matter is never easy. Not when it pertains to a loved one. Cancer. Tourette. Being able to relate to another during a time when empathy is needed more than anything...that is the greatest gift. That's just my opinion.

    I am a fan of yours. On many levels.

    My daughter met you in Cordova/Memphis, TN a few years back, loved your performance and posed in a pic with you. Truly, a special night for her. She has in hangly ever-so-proudly on her bedroom wall. An aspiring singer herself, 11, you are her favorite singer.

    We are fans of yours for other reasons, too.

    My son, 12, was recently diagnosed with Tourette only 2 months ago.

    Courageously, he gave a class presentation earlier this week to his peers and teachers, citing you and Tim Howard, in specific. He is a big fan. And has aspirations to become a Youth Ambassador for TSA when he turns 13.

    Ironically, on Palm Sunday, he led the Cantor for his Church, in front of 200+, based upon Matthew guessed it:

    "“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

    As a father, I have drawn an incredible amount of strength by following your TS Journey and your Mom's personal battle. We are praying for you, Jamie Grace.

    Until we meet again.


  8. My name is Natalie and both of you are such huge inspirations in my life. Taylor, you inspired me to write my first song in the 3rd grade and Jamie, you inspired me to be a Christian Taylor Swift!! Now at theage 13 I still have that dream. In 2013my aunt was dia with cancer. I wasn't very close to her but I was close to her children. Sseeing them sad and upset was one of the worst feeling in my life. It began to bring me down inside andsoon I was feeling the same that they fid. I remember going to the hospital and praying"Jesus, I know you work miricals so please spare her." Trusting that he would take care of her and her and my cousins I continued to pray every day and night for my family. And soon enough...God healed her!!!!! I love you both so very much, and I want to say theat trust is the key. If its her time let it be but if its not, God wont let anything happen to her !! TRUST

  9. Dear Jamie, i lost my spouse 12 years ago. And I knew all my family was there for me. And I knew all my friends were there for me and couldn't have made it thru without them. But I also received letters from people I didn't know and from people I knew of but had no idea I ever crossed their minds. It was those moments that touched my heart and opened me up where I really felt loved. I am sure that your letter to Ms. Swift touched her heart knowing so done she has never met really cares and took the time to let her know! Thank you Jamie for your thoughtfulness you will always be in my prayers

  10. When I met you, Jamie. I gave you a Taylor Swift card with words by me on the inside. (That was sometime this year in Kennesaw, GA) I do not believe that it was a coincidence at all. I think we serve a God that takes special care of the details and connections that plant seeds into people's lives so they can be transferred into the next person.
    I have been a adamant Taylor Swift lover way before I stumbled across your music and when I did find your songs I Knew God was handed me Himself through a familiar *real deal taylor but Jamie* type of way.
    Thank you for reminding/ bringing about a revelation to Taylor that she is fighter because God has made her so and for doing the same for me.
    Whether we are all BFFs or distant strangers ..Christ calls us sisters through Him.
    So I stand with you, my sister, as you stand for Taylor ..our sister.
    Thank you Lord that you always have the final say! <3
    God bless!! 🙂

  11. Jamie, you're wonderful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story, your mom's story, your faith, and your caring. No one is perfect and I don't expect you to be either. We are the same age but I admire like a big sister. I wish I get to know someone like you in real life who will support me, inspire me, and love me like you love your family and fans. May God bless you always.

  12. Jamie Grace, you're totally a grace. You're an inspiration to me. I hope we will meet someday and if I don't ask too much, make friends with you. Hoho. God bless you and your family.

  13. So sorry to hear about both your moms. Having had cancer myself 6 years ago, know that God does some pretty wonderful stuff to carry you through and He will do so for the Swifts as well as Jamie's family. Will be praying for all. ❤️❤️

  14. This was truly amazing to read and I hope this letter does in many ways inspire everyone going through anything that is hurting them and does know that our Lord and Savior knows us and understands and will always be there for us. Thank you Jamie Grace for this truly amazing letter not just to Taylor Swift but to all of us who can be truly inspired by it.

  15. Jamie. This letter spoke to me I. Such a profound way . I am the overwhelmed married mom of two children which include a 14 year old son with kabuki syndrome which for him includes Tourette's among many other issues . I myself have pernicious anemia and just when I was starting to feel I had a handle on it, all my daughter and I were injured in a car accident when we were rear ended .I have only touched on a small part of our trials and journey here and I've been feeling over whelmed and even as a Christian , somewhat foresaken and you reminded me that I am not alone in that feeling, that Jesus Himself felt that way too for a moment . Thank you and YOU are a classy lady .

  16. God bless that soul ⇨(Jamie)
    Inspiring words when Taylor needs them, thanks Jamie

  17. It is beautiful to know that love is truly a rEVOLution... And Jaime you took an awesome great step in obedience to God because he is love ... And my prayers are with both you girls families ... Taylor your a beautiful singer and I hope you do read this letter ... Never loose hope (goes for everyone) seek hope which is in Jesus ❤️❤️ God bless you

  18. what a beautiful letter. It brought tears to my eyes. I will pray for both of your families for strength & better health as you travel down that rough road ahead. I am a mother of two grown children and one grandson. I was diagnosed with lung cancer December of 2013 and spent many months in the hospital after my first surgery due to contracting C- Diff. The Drs. Had to remove my colon. Nonetheless I did my best to become me again, until I needed another CT Scan in May. Then the dreaded phone call came. The Dr. Said Kathy sorry to give you this news but the Cancer is still there, the Dr. took out my healthy lung rather than the cancerous one. I was devastated as you can imagine. In August I had to undergo the second surgery to remove the cancer. I fought to get stronger and I think I did. I am now waiting for clearance from all my Drs. so I can have the reversal done on my colon this month. I write this because without my children and family members support i don't know what I would have done. I know what a burden I have been to my children, and I can't thank them enough for helping me pull through this. Is my Cancer gone? I will not know until late summer. I can only ask you to be as strong as you can for your mother. You will be so surprised and happy with the outcome.. I know the both of you will always be there for them without a doubt. I will keep all of you in my prayers. God will give your mothers the strength that they need. I wish you all the best of luck.

    • Hi Kathy just read your touching letter hope you are doing well and have nothing but good news to look forward to. Always thinking of you.

  19. Jamie,
    Thank you for writing. Thank you for listening to that voice within you which allowed you the hit "submit". I relate to the college student you spoke of who feels alone and discouraged. Many things struck a chord with me (no pun intended). My gratitude and praise is given to the one who won't seem to leave me alone in the midst of my loneliness, but is ever beckoning me back to Him. Even though life is hard and growing up was never so difficult as I imagined it, God is faithful and full of grace.

    May your eyes be lifted - and your gaze set,
    May your heart fill with Joy - and may you never regret.

    May you always be open - to hear His still voice,
    May you walk in wisdom - when confronted with choice.

    You're a blessing, dear heart - He's working through you,
    May God bless you always,
    thank. you.

  20. Thank you for being transparent. Your letter gave me the HOPE and Strength to hold on to Jesus while I am going through in my marriage. Thank you for your encouraging words. God Bless you and your family.

  21. that message is the book pf isaiah 53:4 &5......57:18 & 19...he promises healing thru his son Jesus Jeremiah 29:11...the word proclaims his power over our life...he knows the plan He knows the plans He has over our life....i join u say keep on fighting cause he got areason for everything...A God of perfect timing...He restore you back....dont give up.......As u pray remember kenya...we have lost over 148 university students ...they were attacked by terrorist...and mercilessly killed...we mourning...some were attacked as they were holding the morning prayers....christian pain....lets join in prayers....

  22. Jamie,
    Thank you for this.
    This, particularly your thoughts about Matthew 27:45, really rang true with me tonight.
    I am 28, a fellow Jesus-follower, wife to an amazing man and mommy to three little treasures.
    I have been through many trials in life: as a child watching my most beloved aunt/uncle struggle against infertility (I have 20+ cousins in Heaven); my mom's multiple health issue; my dad having 3 types of cancer when I was 19-22yrs(he's fine now praise God); finding a small tumor like growth in my uterus at age 19 (which was "highly troubling in such a young and otherwise healthy woman" and could have easily prevented me fron "having successful pregnancies" but God healed me, proof of which was seen on a 'clean' ultrasound); at age 21, only 4months into marriage and while being 5wks pregnant with our oldest child thinking I had cancer and having to wait for the biopsy results (had it if been cancer treatment would have waited until after she was born); job loss when our now 3yr old was 2wks old and most recently and the singularly most painful path to walk of my life: burying our 3rd born - William Gidean Dai. He was born 9 1/2wks ago on January 26th (the day before hubby's and my 7th wedding anniversary and it was far, far too early for him to survive outside my womb.
    My heart is shattered but God is slowly and surely mending it.
    Some days it hurts to breath and nearky everyday at work, in crowds, etc. is a struggle to keep my "game face" on and just function like a normal person.
    Some times I still want to just scream and rage and wail because it just HURTS.

    And the only thing that gets me through is God's Strength, Grace and Joy and knowing I will see my son again.

    I don't say any if this to get sympathy but just to say THANK YOU for reminding me that I am not alone.
    My husband and our 6yr old and 3yr old daughters who hurting and grieving are never alone.
    And even when my hubby isn't here (because of work) to hold me as I cry - Jesus is.
    Jesus is...


    Please keep following God and singing for Him because there have been many times your sings have brought a smile to my face, crazy dances moves to my little girls(and I lol) and laughter to our home.
    So: Thank you. You are awesome and a blessing.

  23. Grr, I hit enter too soon.

    I also wanted to say: I will be keeping you, your family and Taylor/her family in my prayers.

    I have had So many family members fight cancer, and other degenerative illness's, and now how hard it is to cope with.

    So lots of prayers from us!

  24. Jamie, and Taylor, you are both amazing young women that encourage today's teens but in totally different ways ! I sing and play guitar and people tell me how goo I am but I don't think I could handle what y'all go through every day . and love listining to both y'all's music . I will continue to pray for BOTH y'all's moms ! I know how rude and hard life can be .. I lost 4 very close people (family and friends) all taken by the power If death in only one years time!! And the only thing that I forgot is "God gives us these things on earth for us to enjoy for just a little while, he gives AND he takes away ! (Don't forget that and) Sometimes we don't know why at the moment but we will when we are with him face to face" . Remember it's not about the road you take to get somewhere it's what you see when you arive! You can message me on Facebook at Maria Sue Zob or email me at or neither at nothing 😉

  25. Ms. Jamie Grace, this letter is exactly what all Christians should do on a daily basis. Thanks for being a "real" example to the world of what it means to be a young disciple of Christ. My family loves you and will keep praying for you and yours.

  26. You are truly an amazing sister in The Lord and I praise God that you are such an inspiration and testimony!! Keep on doing what your doing girl! You Rock!

  27. Ok as a manly man (aspiring to be) love both you and Taylor Swift. Wouldn't it be awesome if you and Taylor Swift made a song together or performed one song together?

  28. Jamie Grace,
    Thank you for writing this. I came across it on Facebook right after sending a text reaching out for support from my mom. My struggles are small in the grand scheme of things, but they are part of my reality. I'm always glad to be reminded that I'm not alone. God is in our corner, where He's always been -- even when He doesn't give us the answers we want. We know He sees us and stays with us, so we trust His sovereignty.

  29. Just another reason why we absolutely love you Jamie Grace, even my husband who does not say much about any artist has reiterated many times that he "really likes this young singer"

  30. Dear Jamie, I always believe in our afflictions presented in prayers to Him there awaits answers(responds)!

    John 11: 3 ~ ~

    Jesus' best Lazarus was ill, despite informing Christ!, He still made a delay, on His arrival the best friend was already dead, Thank Jesus wept and rose Lazarus.

  31. Jamie,
    I became a Christian when I was about 5 years old. When I was 6 I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, although my tourettes wasn't very noticeable I struggled to keep it hidden from all of my friends and most of my family. Between 5th grade and 7th grade my life was turned upside down. In 5th grade my parents got divorced, in middle school my grandma was diagnosed with cancer and then past away when I was in 7th grade (that caused a lot of pain in my life). Those few years were extremely hard to go through and my tourettes got worse. Instead of turning to God I was very mad at Him.

    In 2012 I went to a conference with my youth group called Momentum in Hickory North Carolina. The thing I remember most about that day was going and listening to you tell your testimony. I knew you had tourettes but before that I never heard anyone ever talk about it to other people. The fact that you opened up and let people know your struggles has given me a lot of encouragement.

    I've been working at South Mountain Baptist Camp since the summer after my 9th grade year. The camp is for kids and teens. I never really opened up to anyone about my tourettes until this past year/summer. I finally told some of the girls staff one night during our devotions at camp. (Which at the time was super hard for me). After that I knew God wanted me to become more open to others and to share my entire testimony.

    Each summer the staff at camp has to share his/her testimony at least 2 times during a chapel service with around 200 people (mainly kids). So, this summer I felt like the Lord wanted me to talk about my tourettes so I did. The staff that didn't know was completely shocked and the staff that knew was surprised I had shared that part of myself to all of those people. We shouldn't hide from what we go through.
    Instead of looking at our struggles as a burden or weakness we should look at it as an opportunity to tell others about God! I won't lie going through the trails in our lives is very hard but with God He will give us everything we need.

    This past summer is when I realized how much our Father loves us. I've experienced God in such a way that it is hard for me to explain. We don't deserve His love or salvation but because His Son loved us and died for us we are fresh from our sin. How amazing is that?!
    1 Peter 2:24 says- He Himself bore our sins
    in His body on the tree, so that, having died to sins,we might live for righteousness; you have been healed by His wounds.
    For me, that verse and what it says is what I cling onto when I feel like I have nothing or no one else with me. It reminds me that I have Jesus and that He loves me.

    If it weren't for that day in 2012 it's possible that I would have yet to share my testimony. I'm 18 years old and God has changed my life forever. So, I want to say thank you for being open to others and for doing what God wants you to do!

  32. Hello Jamie Grace Harper,

    God continue to bless and use you mightily to be a blessing to people from all walks of life.

    You are such an INSPIRATION !!!


    Grace Justina.

  33. dear Jamie. I love your music. This letter is so great and inspirational to many people. I lost a dear friend and coworker to cancer she was diagnosed within a couple of months after her mother died with cancer. She was so busy taking care of her sweet mother she didn't take time to see a doctor. She had a short battle .. I hope your mother is healed and I hope u continue to move on with your music talent that our great Lord blessed you with. God bless you and your family.

  34. Wow! What a wonderful letter. I love how transparent you are. My son was diagnosed with Tourette's last year and he is is very comfortable sharing with people how it affects him. Awareness can do wonders for acceptance. Thank you for being real always. Xo

  35. I lead worship full time at my church, which is not the same as leading an entire stadium but even in a smaller setting, people still expect to see the same smile and same godly woman they've come to know. But what happens when you're not feeling godly or your smile is broken? It is a fine line we walk. My son has Autism and we struggle 5 out of 7 days a week to help him. Sometimes he doesn't sleep. Sometimes we stay up for hours rocking his 90lb body back and forth to soothe him after he has been on sensory overload, which is not easy when your child is that big. We often wonder if we will be doing this when he is 20 and 30! All that to say, my game face is Sunday morning worship and on facebook where I am expected to not be real with people but keep passing along godly inspiration. The thing is I love worship and once I am in it my game face starts to change. I don't know how to make the walk up to the stage any easier but it's in those moments where all I have is me and God that I get to hold on to Jesus a little more and I think that's where true healing begins.

  36. Thank you Jamie Grace. Your love for others is the truth of Jesus Christ Living Within Your Heart! We love you as we love all of God's children and will be praying for you and Taylor. GOD Bless You Girl! Romans 8:28 says all things work for good to those who love God. And my favorite is Romans 8:38-39: NOTHING can separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus. NOTHING.

  37. Thank you for writing this. I happen to be one of those college students who feel like giving up. I also have to put my game face on because my grandma just got diagnosed with cancer. I pray that Taylor Swift knows God loves her and that He will be with her through this storm. I also pray for you Jamie that God will give you peace through your storm as well. God Bless you. I am thankful to have you as my fellow Sister in Christ.

  38. I am far from a 6th grade girl, I'm a Mother & a Grandmother. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I just lost my Mom on Dec 27, 2014 after battling several illnesses over the last 10 yrs. I too, often begged God to heal her & take away her pain... Now she finally has her healing, praise God. I miss her so bad, I feel like I'm in a fog but I put my game face on & smile. Nobody knows of the sleepless nights & tears I've shed behind closed doors, not even my husband. I met you in Beckley WV & would be proud to have you for a daughter. Keep the faith & keep touching lives for the Kingdom! Thank you !

  39. I'm so impressed by you Miss Grace and have been a huge fan of yours since you got your start with Toby....what a well written and heartfelt letter. My prayers are with you and Miss Swift's family. Love you!!

  40. God bless you! this letter made me realize how desperate it can be when God places you as a leader of his people. I am a youth leader a beginner in the ministry. But before I this my father went through cancer and I felt powerless I felt there was nothing I could do to help him. But as a Christian leader I had to smile even though I felt broken until God said STOP and come back to me be yourself show them how you really feel. and I found I had the support of many that were waiting for me to come and just cry in his presence. thank you Jamie for this beautiful letter.

  41. Jamie, I saw you in concert (8th row) in Salisbury Md with Toby, Mandecia and more. I was blown away with your music before the concert but was touched by your grace that night.
    May i say, from a disabled vet, God does know and hears your heart for him. Keep singing for Him, and praying for others. You encourage me greatly!

  42. I love your heart so much, Jamie Grace Harper. Thanks for being so candid and real. I needed to read this today. I'm a mom who feels like such a complete failure at times. My nine year old son also has Tourette Syndrome. We are three years into our diagnosis, and I still struggle with it. I hide behind my game face a lot, I'm supposed to be the strong one because I'm the grown up after all, right? It's incredibly hard some days though. But I keep pushing through, keep praying and fighting for my boy, and never give up trusting in Jesus. One of my biggest prayers is that my boy can come through this and be just as amazing and incredible as you one day. I hope God uses him to touch others lives like you do. 🙂 So thanks again for being awesome And having such an open heart.
    ps: We will be praying for your mom, and praying this reaches Taylor and touches her heart as well. ❤️

  43. Jamie I too am, as many listed on here, a huge fan of yours and introduced you to my daughter as well who is 12. I agree that much of the secular world does put their "game face" on and pretend that their life if perfect. Christians learn that community of faith builds everything as we struggle together. It was an amazing gesture for you to write this to Taylor and you both have been on our music radars for quite some time. I believe that in your own ways you both inspire and reflect alot of good for the youth (and adults) today. My daughter first sang "teardrops on my "guchaw" when she was in Kindergarten lol and Jamie she used your "Beautiful Day" in her 5th grade talent show at school. You both have been the initial sources to my child's song aspirations as well as many others I am sure and though this one small comment may not make a lot of difference I do believe that collectively they serve as a reminder that faith, hope, love and community DO build a better world! God bless you both and prayers to you and your families.

  44. Jamie,
    Thank you for this! Ever since I heard Hold Me for the first time, you've been an incredible inspiration to me.
    Thank you for being such a fabulous, classy role model to young girls. In this world, I find that it's hard to listen to clean music with good meaning. Anytime I ask my sisters what they want to listen to, they say Taylor Swift or Jamie Grace!
    Stay Amazing

  45. I battled a tumor and terrible health the past couple of years, all the while "trying" to care for my two youngest children... God has been so good to me. This letter is so validating too, and timely. It never hurts to hear a story where someone else is asking the same questions. God bless you. Love, Dottie M

  46. Thanks for sharing and being real! I love studying Scripture and when I saw your new favorite verse, Matthew 27:45, I felt compelled to share with you for the honor and glory of God. I never realized this until recently. Did you know that Jesus was quoting the first line of Psalm 22? Back then the Scriptures were not labeled with chapter numbers like they are now. Every good Jew memorized sections of Scripture and referred to the sections by the first line of each section. I am not trying to downplay how Jesus felt on the cross, for He took upon himself the sins of the whole world, but if you read Psalm 22, in quoting "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" Jesus was pointing everyone to Psalm 22 where David prophesied about the crucifixion. Jesus was the fulfillment of that prophesy! If you have time, you gotta read Psalm 22.

    • Oh, I love Psalm 22! : ) If you'd like, you can listen to my podcast where I expand on both Matthew 27 and the book of Psalms. It's the episode called "Happy Easter!"!-drive-downtown/id977014995?i=339270300&mt=2&hc_location=ufi

  47. Thank you Jamie for your trurh. I have been sick for the last 5 years and my children probably feel like life is not fair. I will share this with thank you for your inspiration.

  48. Hi jamie such a big fan and ur letter was an insparation to me im a 6th grade girl when i was a baby i had a hole in my heart it sealed up but now i have a long named thing i can not pronunce but my heart beats like 3 or 2 times faster than most people but this is not about me i hope ur mom gets better thx jamie ur such an insparation i just wanted u to know ur an insparatoin to me luv ur work and what ur doing to glorify god thx for reading

  49. Jamie, congratulation for having the first comment list that doesn't include any harsh replies or "dislikes"
    As for you taylor, i bet you saw this a lot and here i am saying it once again : i hope the best for your mom and i AM praying for her, yes of course we are praying for her, i mean you changed the lives of so many of us and this is the least we could do

  50. Jamie, congratulation for having the first comment list that doesn't include any harsh replies or "dislikes"
    As for you taylor, i bet you saw this a lot and here i am saying it once again : i hope the best for your mom and i AM praying for her, yes of course we are praying for her, i mean you changed the lives of so many of us and this is the least we could do

  51. Hi Jamie, I love your testimony and not jusy trying to say yours but I understand what you mean about weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Because in God's word it explains to us that the joy of the lord is our strength, and that the lord makes us rich and adds no sorrow and also even as last night, it was lightning in my neighborhood (Illinois). And it had me thinking that God is able to cover the whole sky with light, even at and during night-time, and how the clouds cover the sun so it won't be to hot. I'm in love and awe of God because no matter in any what situation, He is still able and merciful to allow his light to shine upon us. And those are just a few things of what God is able to do in our lives. I really love you Jamie Grace and continue to bless others with the same testimony because whatever good you do to others God will return his favor because he loves you. God bless, Love you.

  52. Would someone please make sure that Taylor Swift gets to read this. Thank you Jamie Grace for obeying The Spirit Of The Lord. He lead you to write her and blessing are going to flow in both directions. God Bless You. Glenda

  53. Dear both Artist who have truly inspired me.
    This one goes out to you.
    Thank you for getting me through hours of homework with your music.
    Thank you for inspiring me to get up and try one more time.
    Thank you for showing me that everything is not over yet.
    Thank you for being a great role model. Not only to me but to the younger girls to.
    Thank you for producing the music you produce so I can dance like a crazy person all by myself.
    Thank you for showing me what love is. (yes both of Yalls songs has done that for me.) And my Heavenly Father that's has shown me that love.
    Thank you from a 16 year old girl. Who's life can sometimes be messier than my hair, and that's pretty messy.
    Taylor I have seen you in a live concert back when you had long blond curly hair.You did so good! I cried when I saw you! Still a huge fan! (I love your hair now BTW. Real cute! Fits you well)
    Jamie I only dream of meeting you! I hope one day that dream comes true!
    Much love Bekah❤️

  54. hi Jamie your letter touch me personal it been a year since my Mom passed away from pancreatic cancer she was my biggest fan and cheerleader she loved God very much and shared his love with everyone she meet she keep her game face on through her battle most of time expect when she was around me she opened up to me about everything she was feeling and how hard was to leave her family behind and me i have autism on the mild side. i one of your cd's i listen to constantly i love what you wrote to Taylor Swift God bless you and your family

  55. Praying for both moms. You have such a beautiful heart, Jamie, though I will say you aren't the Christian version of Taylor swift, your songs are beautiful.

  56. This is a beautiful letter, Jamie Grace...thank you for sharing your heart and just keeping it real. We are huge fans of both your music (I'm a God-girl, that's who I be...) and "Tay"'s music around here. 🙂 When I heard the news of Taylor's mom, my heart just went out to them, and I didn't know about your Mom's journey either. We'll pray for both families, sincerely.

  57. I want to appolagize, I accidently hit the "dislike" button, a few times... I have a hard time to see small writing.. forgive me. I love your letter it is beautiful. Prayers for you and your mom Jamie.

  58. I know you are not looking for comments on the Bible(Jesus saying My God...) but I heard this in a sermon for the first time about 6 months ago and it was so profound for me I cannot resist:
    (im actually not catholic, neither was the church i heard about this connection in, but it is really not about a denomination here just some good Bible info 🙂

  59. Great post, Jamie! Your humility and love in this post are beautiful.... and you are sharing the Gospel through both your actions and your words. Thank you! 🙂

  60. It took so much courage to write this letter, congratulations! It was an act of faith. Not only public figures need to put on a smile amidst of pain but also church leaders, parents, and even an ordinary person when they go out to buy some grocery. It is also hard to update people or even post in facebook or any social media sites that a family member is sick or you have problems cause sometimes they interpret it as the Lord's judgement to you even if you are a Christian or to your family member that isn't yet a believer. Sometimes the post or updates may be interpreted as a turn off to the Lord and His integrity because it's like He cannot take away all of our problems-but these are all lies.

    My family has been stressed or shall I say sleepless, restless, etc for the past 2 months that my father is in pain, etc due to many organs problems. And past few years he has been diagnosed with heart disease which has been a problem in our clan for generations. Many times I pray for healing but can't see the 100% healing. Last week all my siblings got sick and we don't have a helper/maid so when they simultaneously ask for assistance it's like I want to split myself into 3 or four just to attend to all needs.

    The news also said of Amanda Noelle having cancer, Mark Hall having operation all Benny Hinn had reset of heart rhythm. I came to an understanding that we still exist in this world and our bodies are mortal even if we are Christians. But of course as Christians we want heaven on earth- no pain, no sickness, no tears, eternity with the Lord! 😀

    Personally it was a struggle for me to find work far from home and maybe subconsciously my siblings also don't want to have work far away from home so employment is also a problem. But I do believe that God will give me and my whole family wisdom and guidance on what to do.

    It is so advisable to surround yourself with true people who would support you emotionally and sincerely care about you, understand you and will be willing to stand with you no matter how long it would take.

  61. jamie, we love you! You are my son's favorite artist. Beautiful day helped us through a lot.

    My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer a week after we found out I was pregnant with our second child. He held on to see him be born. And lost his battle a few days later. He was 29.

    Joshua is now 4 months old and your fan Ian just turned 8. We have our game face every day and the Lord is bringing us through. Thank you for being real and for all you do. Your strength, courage, music, and words.

    We all have struggles and hardships. God helps us through it.

    May God continue to Bless you.


  62. This is written out of sincere love of people from the soul, well said, Jamie-Grace, God Loves You, & So Do I!

  63. I have been lucky as far as health conditions go in my family, but it's been really hard to stick with and form a relationship with Christ. Your article to Ms. Swift has given me great encouragement to stay with my faith in Jesus and I have come to the conclusion that if you can trust in Him so much and you do it with all your troubles and "journeys," then I can trust in Him with my life as well. Thank you so much for reaching out to people in this article! Besides you being my favorite Christian music artist, I think you are a really great role model and just a good person. Thank you again and I will be praying for you and your family as well as joining in the prayer chain for thr Swifts. God bless you! 🙂

  64. Hey Jamie! I love your music and your testimony. I too have had to face hard times. My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was 12 and passed away when I was 15. It's hard. It's REALLY hard. I still miss her and I am 22, but God is gracious and merciful and he loves us with an everlasting love. I am so thankful for His love that got me through. I am also so glad that you wrote this and if Taylor sees it (or has seen it), I am sure she will find encouragement in it.

  65. I'm the college student you talk about in your letter. Struggling through a semester heavy with coming to terms with my anxiety and depression, this morning all I've been able to think about is dropping out. Giving up. I went online for a mental break and came across your letter, and it was the strongest sign from God i've had. I'm allowed to struggle. I'm allowed to show off my not so perfect self. Because God has me in his hands through each and every second.

  66. Jamie Grace,
    This is beautiful and so kindly inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Thank you as the reminder about Jesus spoke to my heart as well today! My biggest trial is related to my daughter's, but I still love them so much. My daughter who is now almost 29 years old had a child, a little girl when she was 16 years old. She was a prodigal since the age of 13 and still is, and to my heartbreak we are still estranged. Now after many years of drug use she has become mentally unstable. We have raised our granddaughter in our daughter's absence and now at 12 years old, our granddaughter who is like a daughter to us, is rebelling in similar ways. I have prayed so long and many times have been disappointed with God because things seem to go from bad to worse for my girls. We raised our granddaughter in the church and hope and pray she will not go astray. Thank you again for sharing this, I am sure many including Taylor Swift will be blessed by it. In Christ, praying...


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