#ImAFighter – Michael’s Story


When Michael was in high school he lost his dad to testicular cancer. At 21 (now 22) years old, he received the same diagnosis from his doctor. An athlete, coach, worship leader and college student, this was completely unexpected for Michael. He is currently undergoing treatment that should be completed in February. Through it all, Michael continues to rely on his Faith, family and friends as a support system through this time.

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Jamie Grace Meeting Tim Howard


(From Jamie Grace)

Tim Howard was one of the first people I ever heard of with Tourette Syndrome. My sister was a fan of Manchester United so being the little sis, so was I. He was playing for them at the time but is now the goalie for the US National team. I love soccer and despite my inability to play have always wanted to be a goalie. A huge part of that is because of Tim.

Back when ImAFighter was teensWts, I got a “press pass” to chat with Tim during his warmups on my school’s campus. He was one of the kindest people I have ever met and continues to inspire me. Thank you Tim for who are – we’ll be rooting for you tonight!!!

(To see me meet Tim, skip to 3:12)


Living with tourettes.


Hey everyone. My name is Rohan. I am currently 21 years old. I am going to share my story, for the first time, with all of you.

I have Tourette Syndrome. Which is very hard to live with because of the nature of the syndrome that makes you do really weird movements and sounds. I don’t know how many of you actually know what that is but in my home country (South Africa) not a lot of people know about the condition. That made it really hard.

Like you would probably guess I was made fun of a lot in school. On numerous occasions I wished that somehow my life would just end. I had no desire to stay in this world. When I was younger I always had a low self esteem and I hated it when people only looked at me. But thankfully I got God in my life. God sent so many wonderful people on my way that always supported me and never judged me. He showed me His amazing love. But I still felt alone in the battle.

Then I saw a testimony of Jamie Grace.

It reminded me that I am not alone. And that God is always with me, with all of us and we must never give up fighting.

Thank you all and God bless you all!


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I will keep on fighting!


My name is Juan Carlos Alicea, but they call me JC. I was born on august 22, 1991 in Puerto Rico and because my lungs were not developed, I had to be on all sorts of equipment to help me breath. By the time I was 8 months old, the doctors told my mother I was blind. The doctors also told my mother that I was never going to make it but thanks to the support of my mother, family, and  the lord, I can say that I’m alive!

On Saturday, April 12th, I was invited to ReachFest, a Christian music concert hosted by Reach-FM, which featured performances by MercyMe, Jamie Grace, Colton Dixon, Britt Nicole, and Citizen Way. My mother was nice enough to give me 2 tickets to see the entire show last Christmas, 1 for me, and the other for my brother. Among seeing the acts, I got an opportunity to meet/greet the artists who made the songs that we hear on the radio. That is when I was finally able to meet my idol, Jamie Grace, the singer behind the song “Fighter.”

When I went up to her, she asked me, “what’s your favorite song from me?” and I told her “Fighter is my favorite!” and she dedicated the song to me during the concert. I would like to give a shoutout to my friend Jamie Grace for helping me continue to keep on fighting. Thanks so much Jamie, you rock!