Always A Fighter


My name is Shamar and I’m from South Africa. I’m 21 years old, going on 22.

I don’t quite know how I came across Jamie Grace but I never miss her videos because she inspires me everyday. When I was younger in school I was always the secluded, quiet, shy girl. I was lonely because I was scared of talking to people. I became severely depressed because I didn’t like myself. I felt so unworthy and that’s when I started the dark journey of suicide.

My mind was messed up, I thought all kinds of stuff, even though it wasn’t true. I hated myself so [much and] for a long while I was suicidal. [I worked hard to get out of it, and one day], I accepted Jesus.

[Now, when] watching Jamie Grace’s videos, it makes me feel like she’s my big sister (I’ve always wanted one) and because of [how she share Jesus], I’ve learned to have confidence in myself.


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