One thought on “Albinism Fighter!

  1. Hello,
    My name is Jessica I'm a 35 year old woman going albino. I have a rare form of vitligo. I am spotted brown and going pale white. Yes, I do understand the eyesight and the way people treat you. I was diagnosed at age 2 and since then I have hardly any brown pigmentation left and my eye color was dark brown there green with a little blue. I'm am afraid of losing my vision completely because it is so bad now. My hair was dark brown its now coming in white along with the other hair on my body. I am extremely sensitive to the sun and certain chemicals. I dye my hair crazy colors as to say I can be anyone of any color because I have no color. We are a canvas that is pure in its own way. The best is I am more than a color race I am a human that has no color and my race is my own.


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