One thought on “God Is Turning Things Around

  1. Hi, you are a fighter:)I'm 16. Don't give up girl!God's got this:)I have faced persecution because I am a Christian too..even from the beginning when I just started falling in love with Christ.The enemy tries to target your weakest spots..but the awesome part about tests that the enemy can't realize is that through your test,trials,and tribulations God is making you stronger..I've realized through my toughest life situations my love for God has gotten stronger..Even when the people that are close to you shun your faith, God still loves you.Being a Christian to me means dying to myself daily...when i die to my flesh and what "I" want I truly begin to live..I become free when I let go and let God...ik girl trying to fix stuff on your own is tiring so when we give all our mess to God its when we truly become free:)


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